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Outsource Billing and Focus More on Your Patients

Healthcare is a landscape in turmoil. New regulations and evolving technology require constant training, and a mandated shift to value-based care has embroiled private practice revenues. Office administrators often prioritize quality metrics to preserve insurance contracts and prevent financial penalties, so balancing necessary data collection while maintaining outstanding patient care can place tremendous pressure on the office and administrative staff.

But there is hope. Practices that choose StarkBilling as an alternative to a stress-filled office and overworked staff have a distinct edge.

Free Up Office Staff with StarkBilling

Freeing your office staff from billing-related tasks allows them to focus on more value-added responsibilities. This shift in priorities leads to a more efficient and patient-centered practice.

  • Improved office environment: Office stress is among the most cited factors influencing employees’ decision to leave the medical position. Brought on largely by overburdensome regulations and insurance requirements, constant multi-tasking is exhausting to staff and practitioners. By partnering with StarkBilling and transferring those repetitive tasks, specialized healthcare offices minimize daily stress and reduce staffing turnover.
  • Staff training and development: Preserving time and allocating resources is essential to a successful medical practice. Instead of investing in complex billing procedures and software training, migrating to an outsource billing option allows resources to be devoted to professional development and improving patient care. Priority can be given to creating a highly skilled workforce. There is time for upskilling and training in new medical procedures or pharmaceutical in-services.
  • Reduced call volume: It is a long-held principle that those providing medical treatment should remain separate from the process. However, current burdensome administrative tasks force medical practitioners to discuss finances and insurance coverage with their patients. StarkBilling will handle billing and payment questions and complaints, so physician offices can maintain a degree of separation, focusing on patient care.
  • Technology and data security: Outsourcing can leverage cutting-edge software and benefit from enhanced data protection. This focus on protecting personal data and ensuring privacy is of vital concern. Reputable medical billing firms employ advanced technologies and robust security measures, safeguarding patient data, complying with privacy regulations, and lessening legal concerns.
  • Increased productivity: Partnering with StarkBilling eliminates the need for your office staff to spend hours on coding, claims submission, and denial response. This newfound time surplus can be devoted to providing better patient support and streamlining daily operations. Time can be distributed between coordinating referrals, smoothing scheduling, and preventing administrative bottlenecks.

Prioritize Patient Care with Outsource Billing

By choosing a plan to outsource billing and collections, healthcare staff can focus on patient care.

  • Streamlined patient communication: Freeing office staff from billing responsibilities gives them more time to communicate effectively with patients and their families. The office staff can engage in personalized conversations, address their concerns, and explain treatment plans. These simple one-on-one gestures build stronger patient relationships and improve patient trust and loyalty.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: Healthcare providers that dedicate more time and attention to their patients see an improvement in both outcomes and individual satisfaction. Outsourcing billing functions reduces provider distractions, enabling them to commit 100% of office time to their patient’s medical needs.
  • Enhanced quality of care: By outsourcing billing tasks, healthcare professionals can dedicate their expertise to clinical matters. This focus leads to better patient outcomes. If operational burdens are outsourced, doctors, nurses, and allied health providers can invest time in research and continuing education, keeping updated with important medical advancements.
  • Focus on patient education: In a busy practice, the average appointment time ranges from ten to fifteen minutes, which is barely enough time to say hello! There is a reason for such tight scheduling. Medical practitioners are overwhelmed with documentation and numerous non-medical duties. By outsourcing many of the administrative functions, practitioners can re-engage with their patients. They have the opportunity to explain the benefits of preventive measures, pharmaceuticals, chronic disease management, and lifestyle modifications. Outsourcing billing functions enables physicians to allocate additional time to patient education, promoting a proactive approach to healthcare and supporting an informed patient population.
  • Enhanced patient engagement: By outsourcing billing tasks, healthcare providers can implement innovative business and outreach strategies and leverage technology to improve communication and accessibility. Time previously spent on paperwork is now directed toward patient-centric concepts. Offices have the time and resources to implement a patient portal or an appointment reminder app. These seemingly small changes have tangible results that increase patient involvement, as engaged patients are more likely to participate in their healthcare journey, which ultimately leads to better health outcomes for all.

One of the few constants in medical administration is that things will change. New laws and regulations are implemented, and new treatments are discovered. By using a comprehensive medical billing process, an office can optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and redirect resources toward patient care. Third-party billing programs enhance patient priority, enabling healthcare providers to deliver higher-quality care, which results in improved patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and a thriving healthcare practice.

Outsourcing your medical billing to StarkBilling helps with the time-consuming process of providing continuing education to staff in order to keep up with insurance and HIPAA regulations. Focus on your patients. Allow StarkBilling to focus on increasing your revenue.