New York Guide to Pulmonology Medical Billing and Coding

Like many medical specialties, New York pulmonology practices face unique challenges, particularly in medical billing and coding. Failing to capture the complexity of a procedure, called undercoding, can result in significant revenue loss by not claiming all rendered services. If the biller overcodes, in which services are coded that don’t occur or are more complicated than they actually are, this can trigger compliance issues and audits, jeopardizing the practice’s reputation and financial stability.

New York pulmonary practices can enhance their financial health and compliance by partnering with a specialized medical billing service like StarkBilling. Its team has deep expertise in pulmonology procedures and terminology, which can help your practice maximize reimbursements effectively and efficiently.

Here, we discuss the common challenges of pulmonary medicine in detail and how StarkBilling can help your practice become more financially successful.

Common Challenges in Pulmonology Medical Billing

Accurate medical billing and coding are foundational to any practice’s financial and operational health. However, the road to success can be more challenging for certain providers, especially pulmonologists in New York.

Billers require a thorough understanding of pulmonology-specific treatments. Furthermore, effective revenue cycle management (RCM) is imperative to maintaining fiscal stability, while complicated contractual adjustments necessitate a thorough comprehension of payer contracts.

As we explore these topics further, we also discuss the demanding tasks of reporting and insurance follow-ups alongside the critical interpretation of the explanation of benefits (EOB). Each area is essential for ensuring the practice’s success by maximizing reimbursements and maintaining compliance.

Complex Procedures and Codes

Pulmonology can be highly challenging, riddled with varied procedures that create hurdles within medical billing due to the complex nature of respiratory diseases and their treatments.

Medical coding for pulmonology services requires an advanced understanding of diverse conditions ranging from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to acute respiratory distress syndrome, each with specific treatment and coding details. A simple miscode can result in an underrepresentation of a patient’s condition, resulting in significant underbilling. Inadvertent overcoding can escalate into compliance issues and lead to costly audits and reputational damage.


RCM is essential for the financial health of any healthcare practice, but it poses particular challenges for pulmonology due to the types of treatments and the variability in patient coverage. To manage frequent claim denials, practices need a deep understanding of payer contracts and a system for appealing denied claims.

The high costs and chronic nature of respiratory treatments also require careful alignment of insurance coverage to avoid delayed payments and significant out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Specialized RCM services are essential for pulmonology practices to handle these challenges and maintain financial health.

Complicated Contractual Adjustments

Complicated contractual adjustments involve reconciling the agreed terms in payer contracts with the actual billing and claims submission. Pulmonologists must work through a maze of contracts, including tiered pricing, bundled payments, and performance-based incentives, which vary widely among insurance providers.

Understanding and managing these contractual details is crucial because they directly affect reimbursement rates. Any errors in interpreting or applying contract terms can lead to underpayments or disputes with payers, ultimately impacting the practice’s revenue stream.

Challenging Reporting and Insurance Follow-up

Challenging reporting and insurance follow-up are essential for New York pulmonology medical practices, as they directly influence financial stability. Effective reporting involves detailed documentation and accurate coding to reflect the full scope of care provided, which is a critical aspect of proper reimbursement.

While it may seem straightforward, the complexity of pulmonology treatments can lead to coding errors, resulting in claim rejections or denials. Likewise, insurance follow-up requires persistent communication with insurance companies to address these denials, clarify coverage details, and negotiate payments.

Explanation of Benefits

The EOB is a document provided by insurance companies that details the services billed, the payments covered, and any denials or discrepancies between the charged services and the insurance coverage. Understanding and managing EOBs is crucial for pulmonology practices because respiratory treatments are complex and often expensive.

EOBs in pulmonology can be particularly challenging. They require detailed scrutiny to ensure that each service is accurately covered according to the patient’s insurance plan. Errors or omissions can lead to financial losses for the practice if not quickly addressed.

Benefits of Specialized Pulmonology Medical Billing Services

New York pulmonology practices seeking to quickly improve their profitability and streamline their operations should consider the advantage of outsourcing their medical billing needs to StarkBilling.

As a specialist in pulmonary medical billing, StarkBilling offers solutions to meet the demands of respiratory care. Its expert medical billing team has years of knowledge of pulmonology medical diagnosis, treatments, and procedures that can help your practice reach its financial potential.

Its expert services can streamline your revenue cycle while ensuring accurate coding, efficient claim submission, and proactive follow-ups on denials and appeals.

Learn more about how your New York pulmonary office can benefit from outsourcing medical billing to StarkBilling.

Increased Revenue Maximization

As a dedicated provider of billing services to pulmonology in New York, StarkBilling has years of experience with diagnostic codes, treatment procedures, and billing nuances specific to this specialty. It ensures that every claim is accurately coded and optimized for maximum reimbursement. Furthermore, it employs a comprehensive RCM strategy encompassing everything from efficient claim submission to proactive follow-ups on denials and appeals.

Fewer Billing Errors

StarkBilling significantly decreases the number of billing errors for pulmonology practices by leveraging its specialized knowledge in respiratory care. Its expert team is familiar with the diagnostic codes and treatment procedures specific to pulmonology, ensuring that each claim is accurately coded and minimizing mistakes that can lead to claim rejections or denials.

Additionally, StarkBilling implements rigorous quality-control measures and continuous training for its staff, keeping them updated on the latest changes in pulmonology billing guidelines and regulations.

Scalability and Growth

StarkBilling’s services can support the scalability and growth of your pulmonology practice. As your business expands, whether through increasing patient volume, adding new services, or extending into additional locations, StarkBilling’s flexible medical billing services can adapt seamlessly to your needs. You can rely on its scalable processes to handle increased workloads without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of billing, keeping your RCM in sync with growth.

Quality Focus on Patient Care

StarkBilling enables pulmonologists and their loyal staff to maintain a strong focus on patient care by taking the stress of medical billing off their shoulders. By entrusting the pulmonology medical billing process to this expert team, your practice can redirect resources and attention from administrative tasks to high-quality respiratory care.


StarkBilling offers specialized expertise in respiratory care billing, ensuring increased revenue, minimizing billing errors, and maximizing scalability for New York-based pulmonology practices. Utilizing StarkBilling helps practices deliver excellent patient care while providing efficient, effective, and profitable billing.

Capture more revenue, and grow your New York procedural-based practice with a specialized medical billing partner that has in-depth knowledge of the coding requirements for all your diverse procedures. Schedule a free consultation now.